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             Destiny II Expeditions
      Bahamas Sailing Catamaran

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March 2014

Dear Dave & Trish,

We are so grateful for having been able to share a few days of life sailing from one magical spot to another! So many amazing sights like Thunderball Cave, by Staniel Cay, an encompassing a world into itself. Than, the prehistoric iguanas, swimming pigs, listing to John Coltraine at a Bahamian watering hole, and dining with the rich and famous at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Many thanks for the early morning and night "dog walks"

Jennifer, Washington DC

March 2014

Dave and Trish,

Thank you so much for this amazing five day trip to the beautiful Exumas!

Life on a boat has amazing-it's such a great escape.

Your hospitality was so appreciated, I am still in awe of the amazing meals you cooked in such a small space!

I will always remember diving in Thunderball Cave, swimming with the pigs, and befriending the iguanas.

Thank you SO much for everything!

Rory, Chicago Ill.

March 2014

We spent 5 days with Dave and Trish and are already thinking of when we will be able to do a longer cruise! (We are from Rome Italy)

With Dave and Trish, you can let them make any decision on where to go, what to do and what to eat, and be sure that they will make the best possible decision for you.

Thank you Dave and Trish!

Franco, Rome Italy

November 2013

Thank you Dave and Trish for an amazing time on Destiny ll.

Everything was simply perfect from the delicious food to the swimming pigs and sting rays. WE WILL BE BACK!

Jerry, Janko, and Chris, Germany

Dave and Trish,

Just the first of many trips on Destiny ll, I hope! My eyes are filled with the colors, the conch, the birds, the stars.... One could go on and on. There are few places like Conception Island left in the world, a treasure to preserve!

Best Sandro and Anna, Italy

Abacos Bonefishing trip 2013

Dave and Steve,

It doesn't get any better than this! I have been fishing for bonefish the better part of 15 years and this beats all the other trips! Throw the unbelievable food into the mix, and we will be back!

Thanks for the best bone fishing experience in 15 years!

Scott, Virginia

Bonefishing trip 2013

Dave, Steve,

"Epic" is the only way to describe this trip! First class food, and great job with the boat. Fishing was the best I have experienced. This area needs more time, I hope to be back! Thanks for making this a trip of a lifetime!

Curt, Virginia

Ragged Island trip 2013

Dave and Trish,

I had a mental picture of how warm and beautiful the Bahamas would be.

What I didn't envision was how much I would truly enjoy being with the two of you!

Outside of being around one of the best sailing captains, great fishing guides, amazing spear divers, and exquisite chefs, was that you made me feel as if I were among some of your best friends!

An absolute adventure of a lifetime for me, can't thank you enough!I hope I will be able to share some time with you again.

Your friend, Scott, Seattle, WA

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