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             Destiny II Expeditions
      Bahamas Sailing Catamaran

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Cat Island, The Bahamas Obeah, Bights, and Bonefish

There’s no doubt that the digital revolution has generated a kind of universal spyscape—an exposed brazenness, the conscious shrugging off of privacy—which can be attributed to the near total embrace of visual technology. After all, nowadays cameras are everywhere, even embedded in our cell phones, and nobody can escape the probing lens. People worldwide have become largely desensitized to cameras thrust in their face. Of course, there are exceptions. And Cat Island in The Bahamas is one of them.

There are more than a few places on Cat where if you get too pushy with that Nikon you could end up getting one last blurred close-up of, you guessed it, a knuckle sandwich. But for the most part on the island, rather than hostility and anger, all the irrepressible shutterbug is apt to experience is widespread shyness—squirming discomfort, if not suspicious sidelong glances. In my view, this is a good thing. Where else can you go on the planet and still find people who resent the intrusion of cameras? .....more

Bahamas: Cat Island Mothership 12-15-2009

Destiny II is a beautiful boat, there just isn't any other way to describe her. Turned into the wind at anchor with her 60' mast rising off a spacious deck, she gleams in the sun. At 43' long with a 23' beam, she elegantly rides the sea. Below deck, she is as pretty as topside. The Destiny II features a well-designed galley and a dining area with wrap around portholes and windows. Each hull features three comfortable, airy berths and one head per side...more

Family Adventure Aboard Destiny II!

For all of you adventuresome families wondering what you might do on your next outing, here is a great trip report from our longtime friends Julie and J.P. Albrecht. J.P. and Julie have been fishing with Angling Destinations for years and have explored spots all the way from the Seychelles to the Bahamas. In June, J.P., Julie, Abby and Tyler Albrecht chartered the Destiny II and explored numerous small cays and islands in the Bahamas. They fished, snorkeled, beachcombed, explored and all-in-all just had a great time!. Once again, it's great to see hardcore anglers passing their love of adventure and fishing on to their kids. Thanks Julie and J.P. for sharing your report! ...more