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We are based on Cat Island, Bahamas and offer sailing expeditions to any region of the Bahamas but, specialize in the southern, more unspoiled of the Bahamas islands.

All of the charters are customized to suite the desires of the quests.

Some of the more popular charter/expeditions include;

Flyfishing and offshore fishing trips to he most unspoiled corners of the Bahamas.

Professional fly fishing trips to some of the best, unspoiled regions in the Bahamas out islands. These include Cat Island, Conception  Island and Rum Cay, The Exumas chain, The Jumentos and Ragged Island, and Crooked and Acklins Islands.

We have a vast knowledge of the various creeks and flats where bone fish, tarpon, permit, and numerous species of wildlife can be found.

While sailing in bluewater from one island to the next, there are great opportunities for sport fish trolling. While sailing along the reefs in the coastal areas, many reef fish can be caught on spin or fly rods.

Exploratory cruises to the less traveled Islands.

Sailing, snorkeling, and Bahama out Island exploring, are a favorite of many. Come and experience the unspoiled beauty of the more remote areas of the southern Bahamas.

35 years of cruising all areas of the Bahamas Nation has given us an intimate knowledge of where the least visited, most unspoiled locations are. We can take you where few travel.

Learn to sail/cruise charters.

Come learn how to sail a performance cruising catamaran yacht. Captain Dave Calvert is well know in the multihull world as a professional sailor that has won numerous national championships on multihulls and set 5 word records on the largest racing catamaran in the world. He also has owned and operated Calvert Sails for the last 33 years.

Learn to sail as a pure beginner or learn how to cruise, navigate, anchor, reef sails, and the fine points of living onboard cruising catamarans. This can be useful for those interested in moving up to a larger cruising sailing catamaran or the couple ready to make the plunge to the cruising lifestyle.

Sailing the Caribbean in the Wake of Christopher Columbus

Dave Calvert | June 15, 2016

Sailing the Caribbean in the Wake of Christopher Columbus

Dave Calvert | June 15, 2016